Modification Engineering and Certification

As certified engineers A to Z Imports is authorized and approved to inspect and certify modified vehicles under both the New South Whales Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme and Queensland Modified Vehicles Scheme.With insurance being so important & costly the last thing you want to find out is that your accident claim is being denied because your vehicle was not legally modified! For example something as simple as fitting bucket seats or changing wheels could make your vehicle illegal. This could also leave you facing expensive and unnecessary defect fines. 

A to Z Imports can help to make sure your modified vehicle meets with all the relevant government regulations and ensure its safe for road use which means no headaches with insurance companies, police or transport authorities.

We can inspect and certify modifications on all vehicle categories which include motor cycles, cars, light commercials, motor-homes, trailers and heavy vehicles. We are also approved to inspect Hot Rods that are going to be registered in NSW. So no matter what sort of upgrade or modification your vehicle has undergone A to Z Imports can help you make sure it’s legal and safe for use on the road.

These are just a small sample of the modifications we can approve and certify

  • ICV's (Individually Constructed Vehicles) 

  • Motor-Home Conversions

  • Engine/Transmission/Differential Swaps

  • Seat/Seatbelt Installation and Removal

  • GVM Alteration

  • NSW Hot Rod Certification

  • Suspension Lifts

  • Imported Vehicle Certification

  • Body Modifications

  • Chassis Modifications

  • Vehicles modified for disabilities.

The A to Z Imports workshop is also a QLD Approved Inspection Station which enables us to carry out QLD Roadworthy Certificate inspections on cars, motorcycles, light commercials and trailers. 

If you have any questions either click here or send Robbie (The Engineer) an email at he will tell you everything you need to know.